Convicted soldier Chelsea Manning will stay on active duty

Shortly before leaving office, President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's 35-year sentence to time served.

The transgender soldier who was convicted for a national security secret leak has been told that she will remain an active-duty, but unpaid, soldier when she is released from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, on May 17.

"For the first time, I can see a future for myself as Chelsea", Manning said.

Yet, despite all of the vitriol poured over her by members of the USA military and political establishments, Manning is nothing less than an honourable whistleblower who felt compelled to tell the world about apparent U.S. wrongdoing in its military conduct in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. After attempting suicide previous year, Manning was sentenced to solitary confinement, during which she made a second attempt on her life.

The specific logistics of her release were still being negotiated with the government, Strangio added.

President Donald Trump called Manning an "ungrateful traitor" in January after she penned an article critical of Obama, who just commuted her sentence. Manning will remain on active duty while her conviction is appealed, an Army spokesman told USA Today Sunday, which would make her eligible for health care and other benefits.

We wrote questions that Chelsea duly typed answers to during her limited time in the prison computer suite.

For Chelsea Manning, release from military incarceration will mark a colossal turning point. She'll be a prominent and outspoken transgender woman - one who has already inspired so many of us.

Over the past four years, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, she has managed to push the military into the 21st century. Having been arrested seven years ago when she was an unknown, lowly and outwardly male soldier, she will emerge into an entirely new life as a civilian, a celebrity, and an openly transgender woman.

Ahead of her daughter's release from military jail, Manning's Welsh mother, Susan Manning, said: 'I am so proud of Chelsea and delighted she will finally be free again.

Manning, whose father is American, was born in Oklahoma in the U.S. but moved to Haverfordwest just before she turned 14 in 2001 following her parents' divorce.

Her medical treatment was not the only area over which Manning was feeling "joy" toward recovering her autonomy. Having announced immediately after receiving her swingeing sentence an intention to transition to a female identity, Manning has had to fight a long and arduous battle for recognition of her right to do this. This would, of course, mean a loss of health benefits and government-funded sex reassignment surgery.

She is also still employed by the army, and retains its insurance coverage.

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