Protests over Minnesota police shooting result in 18 arrests on freeway

Jury still deliberating in case of officer who shot Castile

Jury still deliberating in case of officer who shot Castile

That left a jury to decide whether they believed police officer Yanez on the witness stand, and they opted on Friday to acquit him. They began deliberations following closing arguments on Monday.

"As soon as you say, 'I'm a concealed carry holder".

Police officer Jeronimo Yanez, who worked in St. Anthony - a suburb of the twin cities - was acquitted Friday on manslaughter charges in the very controversial July 2016 shooting death of Philando Castile, which quickly went viral because it was recorded live on Facebook.

Jurors spent a lot of time dissecting the "culpable negligence" requirement for conviction, Ploussard said. He said the last two holdouts eventually agreed on acquittal. He would not identify the two early holdouts, but said they were not the jury's only two black members.

Prosecutors in St. Paul, Minnesota, said recordings from the vehicle - both from Reynolds' phone and from a dashboard camera - showed that Castile was courteous and non-threatening, and they told the court there was no justification for Yanez' action. He said the jury sympathizes with the Castile family.

We're going back down to 1969.

Another demonstrator said, "This was a case where we thought we would really get some justice, and it turns out we can't".

A Minnesota police officer was cleared Friday in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile, a blac. Yanez fired seven bullets into Castile's vehicle shortly after the 32-year-old black man disclosed that he was carrying a firearm.

During the stop, the former cafeteria worker informed Yanez that he was carrying a gun just moments before he was shot.

The verdict at the center of the outrage was the clearing of the St Anthony police officer of manslaughter after he shot the 32-year-old Castile during a July 6, 2016 traffic stop.

The squad-car video shows Yanez approaching Castile's vehicle and asking for a driver's license and proof of insurance. "Yes, I am", Castile's mother tearfully told a group of reporters after the verdict was issued. Differing interpretations on the intentions of Castile's next movements defined both the state and defense cases.

Yanez testified that Castile was reaching for his gun despite his commands not to pull it out. Prosecutor John Choi, who made the decision to charge Yanez, said he knows the acquittal is painful for many people, but that the verdict "must be respected".

- The family of Philando Castile left the courthouse with angry tears, and a grief as fresh as a year ago, when Officer Jeronimo Yanez killed Castile in a hail of seven bullets. And Yanez said he feared for his life.

One bullet hit the armrest between Reynolds and Castile. His death captured national attention when his girlfriend, who was in the auto with her young daughter, streamed the aftermath of the shooting live on Facebook.

On the squad-car video, Castile can be heard saying, "I'm not pulling it out", as Yanez opened fire. It was played repeatedly throughout the trial. "The city intends to offer Officer Yanez a voluntary separation agreement to help him transition to another career".

"It is a sad state of affairs when this type of criminal conduct is condoned simply because Yanez is a policeman". According to CNN, an estimated 2,000 people marched through St. Paul following the verdict, holding signs that read "this hurts" and "Justice not served for Philando" while chanting and singing hymns.

"As people across our city, state and country react to the jury's verdict, I urge each of us to move forward in a way that is peaceful and respectful of everyone - residents, demonstrators and police officers alike", Coleman said in a statement Friday.

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