Three CNN journalists resign after Russia-related article retracted

Three CNN journalists resign after Russia-related article retracted

Three CNN journalists resign after Russia-related article retracted

The video release comes a day after three CNN staffers "resigned" over a debunked story that tried to link a Trump administration official with a Russian investment bank.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump ripped into CNN over their retracted story. The network commented that they could no longer support the story. The episode is a damaging blow for a network that Trump has frequently derided as "fake news", and for a story that never even made it onto any of CNN's television networks. What about the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost?

"In the aftermath of the retraction of a story published on, CNN has accepted the resignations of the employees involved in the story's publication", a CNN spokesman said Monday.

An internal investigation at CNN found that the three journalists-assistant managing editor and Pulitzer Prize victor Eric Lichtblau, Lex Haris, executive editor in charge of investigations, and Pulitzer Prize nominee Thomas Frank-didn't follow all the editorial processes in place for their story, though.

CNN said it retracted the piece because the information was not "solid enough" to publish.

On Friday, one of the people named in the story, Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci, disputed Frank's reporting and said, "I did nothing wrong".

In the recordings, Bonifield says that President Trump is right to call what CNN is doing regarding Russian Federation a witch hunt. Then, in 2012, CNN Host Fareed Zakaria was suspended from both CNN and Time after admitting to plagiarizing parts of a story from the New Yorker. So it was pulled, and an apology was offered to Scaramucci, who accepted it. "Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on".

Bonifield describes the Trump-Russia story as "mostly bulls-" and said the coverage was driven by the desire for ratings. (As John pointed out last night, the Washington Post's Erik Wemple notes that it's not exactly an isolated incident there, either.) Right now, CNN is catering to the viewers that are flocking to the channel by essentially giving them what they want.

The story also said two Democratic senators wanted to know if Scaramucci had indicated to Dmitriev whether sanctions against Russian Federation would be lifted. "I've been with CNN since 2001, and am sure about one thing: This is a news organization that prizes accuracy and fairness above all else".

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