Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Western Montana

Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Western Montana

Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Western Montana

Officials at NorthWestern Energy said there is no known damage to the utility's electric and natural gas system service area following Thursday's quake near Lincoln.

Western Montana was rocked by a magnitude 5.8 quake at 12:30 a.m. Thursday, the U.S. Geologic Survey reported.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage from the magnitude-5.8 natural disaster that hit early Thursday, but the eight patrons at the Wilderness Bar in Lincoln headed for the doors as stools and glass bottles started falling over. The USGS is reporting at least nine aftershocks ranging from magnitude 4.9 to 3.1/SR, AP reports.

The natural disaster lasted for up to 30 seconds, beginning with a slow tremor and then building in intensity.

The United States Geological Survey reported nine additional tremors in about the same area within an hour after the additional natural disaster, registering from 4.9 to 3.1, according to the Helena Independent Record. Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton saod Lincoln lost electricity, but the power has been restored.

A magnitude 5.8 natural disaster hit just after midnight about 9.7 kilometres southeast of Lincoln, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The United States Geological Survey reported that the epicenter was near Lincoln, Montana.

People in parts of southern Alberta also reported feeling a quake.

The initial quake started around 12:30 midnight on Thursday. The center of this quake was almost 200 miles away.

Both news outlets spoke with locals about the quake to gauge their reactions, but the presence of musician and part-time Montana resident John Mayer helped get the item trending on social media.

Many went on social media to talk about the natural disaster. By comparison, the state's largest quake which struck the West Yellowstone region 58 years ago was 7.2 magnitude.

Stickney said western Montana averages about a dozen earthquakes that can actually be felt each year.

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