Your Shadow of Mordor Nemesis Is Following You Into Shadow of War

Shadow of War lets you bring along your best orc friends 2

Shadow of War lets you bring along your best orc friends 2

To mark the release of the update, and maybe convince a few newbies to give it a shot, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is free to play until July 9. Perhaps there's one that's particularly memorable? If you ended up dying by an orc's hand, they would then be promoted.

It's not terribly often that three-year-old games are updated, but with Middle-earth: Shadow of War just around the corner, Warner Bros. are linking the two games and your progress together with the new Nemesis Forge feature that's being patched into Shadow of Mordor.

On top of that, a new update adds the Nemesis Forge to all platforms. Likewise, the thralls you get throughout the game grow in strength the more you assist them, and thus become powerful allies.

The sequel, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 10. So will your best mate.

Shadow of War is a Xbox Play Anywhere title like its predecessor and scheduled to launch October 10. Pre-order for Xbox One to receive exclusive content to build your in-game army, ready to take down Sauron. Assuming you've played it enough to have some bad blood, the game will automatically sort through and select your highest-ranked Nemesis, and also your most loyal Orc follower, and make them available for import into Shadow of War when it comes out.

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