The fine print behind Microsoft's new Surface financing plan, Surface Plus

Microsoft launches Surface Plus upgrade plan

Microsoft launches Surface Plus upgrade plan

I priced out a top-of-the-line Surface Pro 2017, i7, 16 GB, 1 TB storage, Iris Plus, Extended Service, and came to a total of $2,848, or $119 per month with Klarna financing (formerly Kreditor), plus sales tax.

Business customers can select from any mixture of devices from the Surface portfolio, and can fold any number of those devices into a single single agreement, the post said.

Dedicated Service & Support: Surface Plus offers best in class service and support from Microsoft Stores. After 18 months, you can upgrade to the latest Surface device, as long as you turn in your existing gadget and agree to a new 24-month payment plan for the new one.

With Surface Plus, you can pay off your device in monthly installments with zero percent interest for two years (and a 19.99 percent annual percentage rate after 24 months). If businesses choose the 30-month period, they can upgrade after 18 months.

Businesses can expand or reduce their device fleet mid-term. This could be a great asset for field service workers, or business travelers.

The financing options for business, termed Microsoft Surface Plus for Business, have higher prices, as you might expect: Surface Pro 2017 runs $53 per month for 24 months (m3, 4 GB, 128 GB); Surface Studio is $146/month; Surface Book with Performance Base $115/month; and the yuge Surface Hub runs $408 per month.

Consumers are only offered a 24-month payment plan, which comes with 0% April, the post said.

Microsoft also offers an enterprise version of the program with more contract length options and a shorter upgrade window. The company is only offering the 55in model at this time but knowing that these devices have been popular with corporations, it's good to see the company expanding the ways smaller organizations can finance these devices.

The Surface Plus and Surface for Plus for Business are available for U.S. customers and businesses online and in-store.

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