Leaked Images Suggest Spotify is Coming to Xbox One

In the leaked screenshot, the application appears to be being tested on the Xbox One platform with text alongside that reads as clear as day alongside his name "Spotify Music - for Xbox".

The Spotify app has been available for the PlayStation 4 since 2015, and two years later, there are finally signs that the service will soon be added to the console's library of apps. The Redditor uploaded an image on the official Xbox One sub-Reddit as proof.

Certain sources that The Verge claims are familiar with Spotify and Xbox One confirm that the app is now being tested internally.

The streaming service recently arrived in the Windows Store for Windows 10 devices. Spotify on Xbox One should provide the same kind of high quality experience subscribers of the service are accustomed to.

Earlier this week, images popped up on Reddit, showing that Microsoft's Larry Hryb (better known in the Xbox community as Major Nelson) was using "Spotify Music - for Xbox".

The real question now hangs over the nature of Spotify for Xbox.

It's hoped that the app will work the same as on the PS4, providing players the chance to stream music in the background while playing games.

Microsoft is said to be planning a number of dashboard enhancements and features over the coming months prior to the launch of the Xbox One X console.

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