Jay Cutler Unlikely to Join Miami Dolphins

Matt Moore best option to replace Ryan Tannehill as Dolphins' No. 1 QB

Matt Moore best option to replace Ryan Tannehill as Dolphins' No. 1 QB

This means they will likely be giving him significant playing time against Atlanta so he can get as accustomed as possible to Miami's offense before the season starts. At the top of that list has been Jay Cutler, who has shown heavy interest in coming out of retirement to play for Adam Gase and the Dolphins.

Tannehill, who missed the final four games of last season with two sprained ligaments in his left knee, reinjured it a week into training camp Thursday. Cutler, who threw for 3,659 yards with 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions with Gase as the Bears offensive coordinator, stepped away from football in May. Cutler is still considering his options, but it appears that he is leaning towards staying retired.

Regardless of Tannehill's long-term outlook, Cutler is the starter for now, and we'll see just how long that lasts.

Former Broncos and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has chose to unretire, joining the Dolphins on a one-year, $10 million deal to fill in for an injured Ryan Tannehill.

It was thought that Cutler signed with the Dolphins, he would come in and compete with Matt Moore for the starting job, with one acting as the others insurance policy should an injury pop up.

With deep-threat receivers up and down the roster, Cutler's arm could be the difference for one big play that can turn around a game.

Before the Dolphins could even determine the severity of Tannehill's injury, folks were clamoring for Colin Kaepernick as a replacement at quarterback in Miami.

Ryan Tannehill's knee injury seems to be the cause for the move finally made by the team. But Darlington indicated that Gase is pretty convincing if need be and could sway Cutler to South Florida at the end of the day. However, ESPN has already updated their Jay Cutler player page to reflect that he is a member of the Dolphins.

It makes sense that Cutler is not 100 percent sure of what he wants to do yet.

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