Mbete approves Zuma no confidence secret ballot

South African ANC MPs would have to be 'bewitched' to vote Zuma out

South African ANC MPs would have to be 'bewitched' to vote Zuma out

The UDM, the DA and the EFF asked Mbete to schedule a motion of no confidence in Zuma, with the UDM later asking Mbete to prescribe a secret ballot.

The motion of no confidence debate in President Jacob Zuma is scheduled to take place tomorrow (August 8).

Regardless of National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete's decision on whether the vote will be conducted via a secret ballot or not, the DA will be voting to remove President Zuma.

"Today's judgement safeguards and brings a victory to the Constitution of the Republic and the supremacy of the rule of law".

"Tomorrow is the beginnings of an opportunity", said one ANC lawmaker who declined to be named. We are going to exchange the letters. "It is now the opportunity for them to demonstrated that they too are exhausted corruption which is happening in this country". You will know that the people who sponsored this motion sponsored 7 before it.

"It's time for public representatives to honor their oath of office‚" he said.

But Pieter Groenwald of the Vryheids Vront Plus has cautioned against over confidence in the wake of the decision. She said her decision was in the best interest of the country. Fifty ANC lawmakers and all opposition legislators would have to back the no-confidence motion for it to pass - a move that would force Zuma and his entire cabinet to resign.

Mbete provided a detailed explanation for her decision at a media briefing on Monday afternoon‚ quoting at length from the June Constitutional Court judgment granting her the discretion to decide on the voting method.

"The Constitutional Court has indicated that a secret ballot is necessary where the prevailing atmosphere is toxifying or highly charged".

"It is my duty to act responsibly when I assessed how my decision will impact all members".

"The Speaker must maintain and preserve the order of and the proper decorum in the House and uphold the dignity and good name of the House".

Groenewald said while he welcomed the decision about the secret ballot‚ he hoped that it had not been made because the ANC and Mbete had been so confident that ANC MPs would toe the party line.

For those ANC MPs anxious about supporting an opposition motion‚ they now have the option to abstain, meaning the ruling party will not have the absolute majority in support of Zuma as in previous cases.

Of the of the 400-member National Assembly, opposition parties jointly hold 151 seats.

Zuma is due to quit as ANC leader in December.

Therefore‚ any number higher than 155 votes in support of the motion means ANC MPs have defied the party's instruction. "We must also stress that the vote tomorrow is about saving SA from an irredeemably corrupt president", said Holomisa. That has never been heard of with any sitting president in the last 23 years.

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