Sen. Corker slams Trump for lack of '

BREAKING Duke University removes statue of Robert E. Lee following vandalism

BREAKING Duke University removes statue of Robert E. Lee following vandalism

"I would ask he take stock of who he is, as president of all the people in our nation, and that he condemn those things that are separating us", Corker said, adding that he disagreed with the president's stance on Confederate statues.

A Republican senator says President Donald Trump "muddies the water" when he assigns blame to anyone other than white nationalist groups for the deadly violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. Flake has a "conscience and is a real conservative", according to Corker. "Whether that would result in impeachment or some sort of censure motion, it's too soon to know".

President Trump condemned the attacks in Barcelona, but not before he stoked the simmering controversy over his Charlottesville comments by lamenting the removal of Confederate statues - all amid doubts from his own party about his moral rectitude and his psychological stability.

The president can't expect loyalty from Republican leaders when he hasn't given it to them, said Robert Speel, associate professor of political science at Pennsylvania State University.

Republican lawmakers across the ideological spectrum have publicly criticized the President.

"I don't think that the president has appropriately spoken to the nation on this issue", he said. Some, including White House aides who spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity, rushed to distance themselves from the president.

Corkers comments come on the same day that Trump blasted two of Corker's Republican colleagues, Sens. He also called Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona "toxic" and a "non-factor in the Senate".

Corker insisted "there needs to be a different approach" by the Trump White House, but he declined to criticize any members of the White House staff.

Corker has sought to be a strong supporter of Trump's, particularly on foreign policy matters.

"It's clear that the tension between Trump and Congress has been exacerbated recently, but I'm not entirely sure how significant an effect this is going to have on his legislative agenda", Zilis said. Flake, who has described a moral reckoning wrought by Mr. Trump's reign, most Republicans appear inclined to slog on. "They may not like Trump, but they don't really have anyone else to work with at this point".

But she said "now I will not" talk to the president after a news conference in which Trump equated violence by white supremacists at the rally with violence by those protesting the rally. But politically, Democrats see the latest string of high-profile headaches for the White House as inflicting damage to the Republican Party.

In Alabama's Senate race, Trump's interests seemed to align with Senate leaders when he tweeted an endorsement and recorded a robocall for Sen.

"Blind allegiance to the supreme leader?"

Flake, McCain wrote on Twitter, "is a principled legislator & always does what's right for the people of #AZ". "He's dead wrong here and I won't stop saying it". Few top Republican officeholders want to defend the president in the midst of an escalating political crisis, yet they are unwilling to declare all-out opposition to him and risk alienating his loyalists. Many have been calling for his ouster, but are now concentrating on two other top White House advisers - Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka, two allies of Bannon's who Democrats say are architects of numerous President's policies.

President Donald Trump says "Radical Islamic Terrorism must be stopped by whatever means necessary!" "The Democratic base is furious with Trump, and they will be furious at Democrats who cooperate with him".

He also accused one Republican senator of a "disgusting lie" and plugged a primary opponent of another GOP critic.

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