Is Xbox One X The Least Desirable Console Ever?

Crackdown 3 delay no impact on Xbox One X launch sales

Crackdown 3 delay no impact on Xbox One X launch sales

Microsoft announced that this edition of the Xbox One S will be a variant with 1 TB of storage, as noted by The Verge.

On the Sunday prior to Gamescom 2017, Microsoft pulled a couple of console announcements out of the bag.

No, you won't have to buy the Project Scorpio Edition to stand your Xbox One X upright.

Xbox One X, also known as the most powerful gaming console ever built is now available for pre-orders. Of course, Project Scorpio Edition owners will get it for free in the box. Oh, and that vertical stand will be sold separately for other versions of the console. Microsoft spent nearly two hours trying to convince gamers that the future of the Xbox brand is brighter than ever. In fact, it might just be the least desirable console in recent memory.

The Project Scorpio Edition is a good way to push forward the sales of Microsoft's updated console, the Xbox One X, but there is some concern over whether or not it will actually make a difference in sales.

No, the Xbox One X's real problem is that Microsoft has yet to find a way to promote it as a must-have device. Don't do that until you fully understand the exclusive Xbox One X features you can expect from Microsoft's latest console. The limited edition of the console is listed at $499 United States dollars and there is limited supply so you better get to it if you want to buy it.

We've been hearing about the One X for so long that you'd be forgiven for forgetting that it's still not out yet. Not convinced? You ought to check out the games that are in store for Xbox One X.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, there are no easy answers to this problem. They way in which Xbox fans can benefit from this price cutoff is by trading in their older Xbox One when they made a decision to pre-order the new console.

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