When donating for Harvey relief, be very careful

Ravens donate $1 million to help Houston

Ravens donate $1 million to help Houston

And as the American Red Cross works on finding when and where to send semi trucks full of donated goods, they recommend looking to alternative means of giving if you want your items to make it to Texas. What is more encouraging about this is that there is likely much more to come in helping those get back on their feet from this disastrous situation.

More than a dozen volunteers for the American Red Cross Ohio Buckeye Region are preparing to deploy to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We understand flooding, we understand that loss, we understand that emotional toll and we get to go and provide help down to people that we don't even know. Collections will continue for several weeks as long as volunteers can be found to schedule to help. There are still thousands of people without homes and in need of food and other support.

They also estimate 33,800 people sought refuge in more than 240 Red Cross and partner shelters across Texas Wednesday night.

Conklin says the Red Cross counted almost 30,000 people in shelters across the regions hit by the storm. The supplies include cots, blankets, ready-to-eat meals, comfort kits and cleaning supplies.

The Red Cross has also prepositioned blood products in Houston ahead of the storm to help ensure we can maintain an adequate blood supply over the weekend.

Expenses for training and travel are covered with the help of individual donations.but the Red Cross needs financial help to put this into practice. Mayo Clinic directed its relief contribution to the American Red Cross based on its expertise in emergency response and on-the-ground humanitarian aid, which will directly help those who need it most. "It truly is America at its best, and we stand with the people of Texas during this hard time".

The host chose to press Kieserman for information on how much was going to relief because of past reports of how the agency has handled donations. "We look forward to working with customers to bolster relief efforts for this unprecedented and catastrophic event".

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