Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston 'reconnect' as he apologises

Sinitta Has A Shout Out To Her Ex Brad Pitt!

Sinitta Has A Shout Out To Her Ex Brad Pitt! 00:37

"Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together", she said.

With her six children all recently moved out of their rental home and into a more permanent property, Jolie says she's now embracing a more domestic role within her family - including cooking classes - and is looking forward to recapturing her old spark.

The iconic pair broke our hearts last September when they announced their split amid rumours of Brad's drinks and drugs problems. They share six children.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Angelina cast her mind over the last 12 months, and admitted that the outcome of her relationship with Brad was not something she anticipated, nor is single life something that sits easily with her. "I have to believe that-otherwise it's just cruel".

Acknowledging that the divorce and the publicity that surrounded it made for a hard period in her life, Angelina added: "There's nothing nice about it". So it's refreshing that during a recent Telegraph interview, she chose to be candid about what has been, in her words, "a very hard year" for her emotionally.

Not only for herself but also for the kids who feel the stress and negativity around the parent and get affected as well.

The interview comes during the premiere of the new film she directed, "First They Killed My Father". "They need to know that everything's going to be all right even when you're not sure it is". The Oscar-winner says said she is now focusing on spending time with her six children: Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and nine-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. "It may sound like a postcard, but it's true".

"Mad has known of Loung's story his whole life, and I told him, 'One day, son, you will be ready and you will tell me it's time to go deeply into your country". "It's been so moving to see how much they have helped each other and how much they have helped me". "I think it's very important to cry in the shower and not in front of them". So maybe I am going back. "And I have some other health issues. And it's been a very good time to absorb and develop and grow", she said.

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