Stephen King joins moviegoers for special screening of "It"

The film 'It' tosses out the most powerful part of Stephen King's novel

The film 'It' tosses out the most powerful part of Stephen King's novel

"The way he moves is so unique and so different", actor Sophia Lillis said. And they soon connect the dots and realize that Pennywise is the one taking the children.

Almost 30 years later, with a little help from improved special effects, "It" packs a wallop by combining coming-of-age drama with relentless suspense and jaw-dropping scares. It actually ties directly into Pennywise's - into It's - gruesome backstory, which itself is a major plot point of both the movie and the book it's based on.

Now that they are in the process of writing the sequel, there is the matter of finding the cast. And although it is a genuinely awful production - with Curry's iconic performance being its only saving grace - it did leave an impact on a generation of young horror fans who caught it on TV after their parents went to bed for the night. He's absolutely terrifying. For the slight drool when Pennywise talks, to his ghoulish squeals of laughter, this Pennywise will scare another generation of kids who watch this movie when they aren't supposed to. It's the same character, same insane, but with an updated/ sadistic twist too it. Producers of It considered California and NY as stand-ins for ME in the movie, but Ontario's landscapes were a good fit for the north-east USA and director Andy Muschietti had filmed there before. That being said, there are a few flaws, but overall, I had a terrifyingly good time. And the creepy stuff begins right from the opening sequence. Pennywise, of course, has Georgie's boat in his hand. Stars such as Linda Blair (The Exorcist), Mia Farrow (Rosemary's Baby), Janet Leigh (Psycho), Kyle Richards (Halloween), Ryan Reynolds and James Brolin (The Amityville Horror), and many more have expressed a lasting impact after having starred in a horror film. The horror sequences are so well constructed and paced. It didn't turn out to be the best, however, his It is going to make you forget all of that. This gives it that 80s coming-of-age vibe with a touch of Stephen King horror. "It's a attractive story of friendship, but this is a Stephen King adaptation, so it's pretty terrifying". But make no mistake, with the insane amount of money the adaptation is making, Chapter 2 is getting what it needs.

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